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3M aims to slash rail operator costs with new anti-graffiti products

3M has launched its two most versatile anti-graffiti wrap overlaminates yet, bringing the potential for huge cost and time savings to the rail industry.

3M aims to slash rail operator costs with new anti-graffiti products. The science-based technology company’s Anti-Graffiti Wrap Gloss Overlaminate 8588G and Matte Overlaminate 8590M by 3M are not only easily cleanable but also highly conformable and durable. This makes them suitable for curved surfaces, marking a breakthrough for train operators.

On train exteriors, the products can be used to wrap and protect all surfaces, including parts such as railcar noses, while for interiors they can be applied to everything from textured carriage walls to window frames. In train stations, they can even cover textured and small brick walls.
Highly durable and able to withstand repeated abrasion from washing, both products are covered for up to eight years by the 3M MCS warranty and the 3M Performance Guarantee.
3M technical expert Tim Beyer said: “Rail operators have been crying out for wrap overlaminates that offer great stain-resistance, stretching properties and durability all in one, so we are excited to announce our latest offering, which we believe has potential to save these customers huge sums each year.”
Graffiti costs train operators millions of pounds annually, with Network Rail alone spending £3.5million each year , while cleaning is also extremely time-consuming.
Furthermore, the number of graffiti attacks on UK trains is reportedly at an eight-year high, with 399 recorded in the first quarter of 2018 .
The new 3M wrap overlaminates – now available in all west European markets – have been independently tested by rail specialist laboratories including SNCF in France.
While many anti-graffiti overlaminates must sacrifice conformability to achieve stain-resistance, the new 3M products attain both, thanks to their unique fluoropolymer blend.
This composition also gives them an excellent anti-silvering performance, providing a quality finish even on textured surfaces, along with their superior durability.
Tim added: “At 3M, our dedicated team of experts is continuously innovating to push the boundaries of what is possible. These new anti-graffiti wrap overlaminates make a prideworthy addition to our already extensive portfolio.”
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