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• Durst showcased Alpha technology with SuperMultipass at ITMA 2019

Durst was showcasing its proven Alpha comprehensive technology platform at ITMA, headlining the fifth generation Alpha printing systems delivered with Durst’s new software to meet increased demands of textile digital printing. The new Alpha Series 5 190 and 330 printing systems being unveiled at ITMA feature improvements in material handling, efficiency and material diversity. The technology platform offers a sustainable, flexible and scalable solutions for every application, even enabling waterless one-step production with the new Durst Advanced Digital Pigment ink.

The Alpha Series 5 printers, including dual roll, are all equipped with the new Durst Workflow Print and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics to become a production unit from day one. To integrate e-commerce businesses, Durst offers a scalable solution with Durst Smart Shop. Backed by consultancy and seamless integration provided through Durst Professional Services, the new workflow software gives users access to key functions in production such as color management and RIP. Expansion modules are integrated with the printing system to create a production process “from pixel to output”.

The new Alpha 190 / 330 Series 5 with SuperMultipass provides 30% better performance than comparable systems. This next generation of high performance printing systems integrate new technologies in the printheads, inks, drying units, and in the interaction of software. The Alpha Series 5 can also have a patented SwiftJet Pretreatment System positioned upstream of the Alpha printer. Digital pretreatment is particularly valuable for short-run and fast-turnaround jobs.