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Rembrands in Oudehaske near Heerenveen

“Our name Rembrands also refers to quality,” Remo Woudstra emphasizes. “At Rembrands we are proud of the craft of acrylic processing. We create premium acrylic specials for brands, retail companies and trade shows. Today we work much wider than just with acrylic, incidentally in two buildings on the same industrial site near Heerenveen, in the North of the Netherlands. In one building the emphasis is on the processing of acrylic, in the other building, two hundred meters away, we manufacture the most diverse products for signs in all kinds of different shapes. We still like to emphasize creativity, but are above all what I call “a profitable partner in plastic specials”. That is why we chose this new name last year, which further underlines our attention to detail and passion for our profession: Rembrands. ” Rembrands is a very Dutch name, with international allure. This fits in perfectly with the customers and brands with which the company works. Remo: “Those customers are just around the corner, but we are also partners with companies that are active on all continents. Our ambition is crystal clear: we help every brand to impress. In every conceivable place, anywhere in the world. ” More info at