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Strategies and developments at Durst Tech Days 2018

Durst unveiled the latest technology developments in large format print, service and software at the Durst Tech Days May 18-19. Over two days at the Durst headquarters in Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy, and its other manufacturing site in Lienz, East Tyrol, Austria, guests were told that sales of its new award-winning technology, the P5 platform, are building so fast that delivery times are now up to 10 weeks.

Durst reported first results from the successful P5 field-test at Panorama in Spain. Panorama printed around 24,000 sqm in the first month alone and everything is progressing well.

For the Durst Tech Days at Brixen the focus was on roll-to-roll printing systems, software and preventive maintenance concepts; at Lienz there were demonstrations of Durst P5 and Durst Water Technology for flatbed printing on the agenda. 

Barbara Schulz, Executive Vice President Global Sales, said: “New developments, to be effective, need to be put in context. Customers want to understand how they will work in their own production environment to maximize their investment. Durst Tech Days were created to allow them successfully to do just that.”

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