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PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom: all in one

It’s the perfect match: exhibitors joining the new trade show alliance formed by PSI, PromoTex Expo and viscom can now turbocharge their show participation in Düsseldorf to be twice as effective. As they present their products and services at their own exhibition stands from 8 to 10 January 2019, they can inform about each other and meet, e.g. in the matchmaking lounges of viscom and PromoTex Expo.. Particularly helpful when planning meetings ahead of the event is the free online matchmaking tool, which can be used across trade shows for the first time.

Distributors, agencies, promotional products manufacturers, advertising technicians, textiles suppliers, finishers and other experts concerned with advertising and selling will find all the available options to advertise their products and services and optimally position them in retail. The online matchmaking tool, which has been deployed to facilitate successful meetings in the past, gives them an overview of which the more than 1,000 exhibitors’ services and choices might be of interest.

“The matchmaking tool is an ideal tool for networking, which was used heavily and brings real appointments”, confirmed PSI exhibitors Cosmoshop after the previous event. Having attended viscom 2017, the founder of was equally captivated by the tool: “I’m thrilled by the matchmaking service! I personally prefer direct contact, and, with the tool’s support, I was able to make one or the other contact before the event which even at that early stage was of a higher quality than those you get from regular cold calling.”

The tool doesn’t just offer a complete overview of all exhibitors at all three trade shows, it also lets users filter out the matching contact by industry. For example, one can look for finishers specialising in textiles, equipment manufacturers offering the latest cutting systems or the right supplier of the most off-the-wall electronic promotional products. Results can also be sorted by country, product group or alphabet. Colours are used to indicate the trade show each exhibitor is attending.

Users can chat directly in the tool to determine whether the suggestions provided are indeed a good fit. In addition, the tool independently makes suggestions for possible contacts. Once a match has been made, a meeting at the trade show can be arranged online. The matchmaking tool, moreover, can be used to search for the most appropriate items in the supporting programme.

While the fact that all three events take place concurrently results in intriguing added value for exhibitors, visitors benefit, as well. Please note: PromoTex and viscom participants are not subject to any restrictions when it comes to networking with each other. However, PSI is a special case because the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry is accessible exclusively to members. If, in other words, exhibitors and visitors of the two other trade shows want to get in touch with promotional products professionals, they’ll still need a promotional products consultant to do it. By contrast, PSI members can use the tool to contact exhibitors and visitors of all three trade shows without any restrictions.

PromoTex Expo and viscom exhibitors will enjoy new technical benefits because of their events taking place concurrently with PSI. By participating in the trade show, they’ll now get access to dMAS, a comprehensive digital trade show RFP system deployed at PSI for two years now. It lets users add their products, create proposals and manage products online with just a few clicks, making it much easier to process trade show RFPs. Once the event is over, one can even use the system to analyse one’s success. Initial exhibitor instructions on how it works are available online.