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Online seminar HP: Signage trends in the new normal Thursday 30 at 11.00 CET

Thursday, September 30 at 11.00 CET (next week)

Let’s start with a quote from Neggers Reclame in the Netherlands why latex printing is hot: “As a printing system, including the inks and media, the HP Latex 800W is an excellent choice because both quality and environmentally sound practices will play an increasingly important role in our society.”

Thijn Neggers, the owner of Neggers Reclame in Etten-Leur (Brabant, Netherlands)) which was established twelve years ago, was originally trained as a carpenter (and acquiring other skills along the way). He still loves the day to day manual work that is at the heart of an all-round sign and advertising company.
He recently decided to purchase an HP Latex 800W printer to join several other printers. “In fact, we also have an older HP printer, which still works perfectly well.”

We asked why mister Neggers opted for this HP Latex printer. Was it the speed, quality, reliability, sustainability, eco-friendliness, materials, etc. that attracted him? He responded: “This new printer is environmentally friendly, odorless and faster, delivering rapid drying times. Moreover, the Latex 800W is suitable for the production of almost any indoor and outdoor applications and materials.”

He continued: “Process innovation is our top priority, keeping up with the latest technology and possibilities is a must. The HP Latex 800W, including the inks and media, is an excellent choice as a printing system because environmentally friendly practices will play an increasingly important role in our society. That is what Neggers Reclame strives for, in combination with quality and sustainability. White printing, which was not really an option for us before, is also possible with this printer and it is particularly useful with this White version called the HP Latex 800W.”

He added: “The sustainable and eco-friendly aspects are very important to us and the printer prints sharper so that even the smallest texts on, for example, stickers and barcodes are clearly visible. It also facilitates printing with white without the ink yellowing over time, which often happened before.

He continued: “We are driven to make progress, to come up with innovative solutions and to realize impressive projects. Of course we achieve this in conjunction with our partners, rather than on our own. They ask for more sustainability, in the media, in the inks, in the print energy, and the differences in price are becoming almost the same as former, non-sustainable or non-recyclable substrates. Together we deliver high quality, sustainable and versatile advertising and wall covering and decoration solutions. Each project is unique and demands its own specific approach, and you need optimal print results to achieve this.”

He concluded: “Of course our customers are also looking for a reliable partner. With our experience and eye for quality, we can provide added value and find the most suitable solution for their company, using the latest techniques and focusing on sustainability.”

And if you want to learn much more about HP Latex and HP Sustainability

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