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Kurt Aldén, the inventor of Re-board has started Swedboard International

Kurt Aldén, the inventor of Re-board has started a new company, Swedboard International, that have started to produce innovative and environmentally friendly boards for the global graphic industry.


In Sweden, Katrineholm, they have built a world unique process machine that now produce in full speed in totally new formats and boards with a lot of benefits that we have got a fantastic response from the global graphic market.


The SB Composite board is made with a core that contains mostly air. It´s light, fl at and stiff with a unique SB surface layer. It´s easy to work with and a very good choice for our common environment! The nice white impression together with all other benefits gives the graphic industry opportunities to use the SB Composite board for a lot of different areas. The SB print layer doesn’t crack in any direction which makes it very suitable for 3D construction. SB Composite Premium has a special surface layer which makes the board extra strong and waterproof so that the board can be used both indoors and outdoors.    SB Composite can be finished in traditional digital cutting tables in full speed and the 3 mm and 5 mm board can also be finished in traditional die cutting machines. SB Composite Basic and Premium are manufactured in 3-40 mm thickness and up to 2500 mm width. We can easily customize formats to minimize waste, when printing/converting larger volume jobs.