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J&G Environmental increases recycling firepower with new shredder

Blandford Forum-based leading waste management company J&G Environmental has purchased a new Ulster U150 Twin Shaft Shredder as part of a wider plan to further strengthen its recycling offering. The Ulster U150 Twin Shaft Shredder offers double the processing power of J&G Environmental’s existing machine.

Recently installed at the company’s specialist facility in Dorset, the machine is designed to process a range of materials that can easily be recycled by the team at J&G Environmental such as barrels, plastic drums, plastic buckets and plastic crates.

The Ulster U150 is allowing the company to work with more customers across a host of markets to support them with their varied recycling requirements.

The machine pre-shreds material before it moves into J&G Environmental’s dedicated wash plant, leaving a remarkably clean granule that can be extruded into whatever the customer wants, with re-use options including pipework, railway sleepers, plastic sheeting and car parts.

While J&G Environmental has strong links with the print industry, such are the wide-ranging capabilities of the business that it can take all sorts of recyclable materials from companies in a number of industries. J&G Environmental’s specialist set-up in Blandford Forum means that the materials it can potentially process include packaging plastic such as bottles and tops, containers, crates, trays, pots, totes and films on reels.

This far-reaching offering also covers manufacturer and industry plastics such as moulding scrap, plastic sheets and redundant plastic, as well as end-of-life products including plastic buckets and laboratory plastic waste like bottles and pipette tip boxes.

In addition, J&G Environmental can support its customers with recycling redundant plastic products such as plastic packaging and bankrupt stock, offering a cost-effective way for companies of all shapes and sizes to shine a greener light on their business.