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HP Good for your business & for the environment as a whole

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It is quite tricky to find your way through the many reports on sustainability and eco-friendliness previously published (year on year) by HP. Moreover, the company manufactures not only large format printing systems and media for use in sign and wide format print environments, but also hardware such as personal computers and 3D printing systems, to mention but a few.

This overview tells you what sustainability and eco-friendliness mean for HP and what the company has already achieved in order to make our world more sustainable and eco-friendlier, at many different levels. Companies around the world are realizing the importance of sustainable business practices and trying to shrink their carbon footprint by focusing on renewable energy resources and creating “greener” products and services.

People might well say: “Sustainability at work is costly and we cannot afford it right now.” HP says: “Sustainability should be considered not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it makes business sense. You will find that in almost every area of an organization, there is a fundamental business reason for being more sustainable. The size of a company makes little difference. If anything, smaller companies have an advantage because their competitiveness often depends on being lean, resourceful and nimble, which sustainability enables.

Sustainable printing is becoming a must in a complex and changing landscape. This trend goes beyond environmental impact, it also takes in people and society. Governments are increasingly focusing on regulation, but brands and consumers also want to be environmentally responsible. Not being green is not an option and has negative consequences. Green assertions need to be environmentally responsible. Trust and transparency are key. HP Latex printing and environment are a commitment to more sustainable signage. Whether you are concerned about regulations, your customers are becoming more environmentally responsible, or you care about your operators, you may be interested in the environmental advantages of HP Latex.

Backed by the environmental and health certifications that matter most, HP Latex technology uses water based inks. This innovation is not only a better approach in terms of the environment, it also empowers you to become more sustainable. Water based HP Latex inks offer an attractive environmental and health profile to both print service providers and their customers.

With credentials that help to address indoor air quality concerns, HP Latex inks produce odourless prints that can be used for indoor signage and décor in locations such as homes, restaurants, retail, or even hospitals. Many HP reports on sustainability, eco-friendly practices and recycling are available on the HP website. Search amongst topics such as latex, printing, printers, media, sustainability, recycling, eco-friendly, etc.

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