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High quality paper replaces plastic film

For a more sustainable environment, high quality paper can replace plastic film. Green Neenah Wide Format Media distributed by Sentec International, will offer paper alternatives to vinyl and other non-recyclable print media.

That’s of the utmost importance, while current market developments in the printing industry revolve around the growing demand for sustainable alternatives to plastic. This is even more noticeable in the packaging segment. The demand for environmentally friendly print media is driven by several factors: public demand, regulations put in place by governments and the ever increasing cost of disposing and recycling used print media.
That is why the use of ‘green’ products is currently a hot topic, with large corporations leading the way implementing PVC free, recyclable and sustainably sourced products. This is not merely to transmit a ‘green’ image, but primarily has a specific economic purpose, i.e. to simplify the waste stream throughout the total life cycle cost of a product. Compared to many other products, paper is a low cost material and safe to recycle.
With 25 years of experience in the industry, Sentec International can offer an important additional benefit, fulfilling all your printing requirements in terms of sustainability and a greener environment. Sentec International recently decided to collaborate with the well-known American brand Neenah Paper, recognized as a world class manufacturer of premium writing, text, cover, specialty and private watermark papers. Sentec manages the wide format paper side. Neenah wide format paper media are manufactured with due regard for the environment. Both in terms of manufacturing and product composition, all media are PVC-free, cellulose/paper based and, where possible, contain post-consumer waste.

The Neenah assortment offers the right alternatives to print hanging banners, posters, back-lit material and wallpaper for interior decoration. All these products have FSC certification and consist of partly recycled fibres. Moreover, they are totally PVC free and easy to recycle. Easy recyclability means that these printed media can be disposed of without a need for special treatment, i.e. users don’t incur additional expense to remove the waste and can cut costs throughout the lifecycle of these products. Neenah controls the raw material flow, from tree to final product, for most of its products. All cellulose fibres used in the manufacturing process are sourced from sustainable sources and are FSC® certified. Being a specialist in the complex process of latex impregnation, Neenah has developed a series of innovative, latex saturated papers that have unique characteristics: excellent wet and dry strength, high opacity in dry and wet conditions, no cracking when folded, high flexibility and good lay-flat characteristics not found in standard paper and plastic film products.

With offices in the Netherlands and conversion and warehousing facilities in Germany, Sentec International is the ultimate partner to distribute these Neenah paper products in the EMEA region. All products are meticulously tested again by Sentec in their own laboratories. They understand the technologies involved and the requirements of their customers.
With in-house conversion facilities, Sentec has the flexibility to produce special sizes, whilst custom labelling and packaging are available to suit specific individual requirements. Sentec is an experienced specialist able to offer better levels of service than can be expected from manufacturers or paper mills, and provides first-rate marketing tools and support. Working with Sentec, you will be able to minimise your supply chain and procurement efforts, with access to all kinds of large format printing products. By offering these recycled and alternative fibre products to its customers, the company can continuously focus on reducing its own environmental footprint.

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