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France-Polystyrene fair launches European distribution network

On the occasion of its participation in the CPrint Lyon 2020 France-Polystyrene fair launches the first European distribution network for Polystyrene cutting dedicated to graphic arts professionals.

French production Member of the “French Fab” network, France-Polystyrene designs, develops and manufactures all of its production in France. A long-lasting, recoverable and recyclable material, Polystyrene has very good mechanical resistance and is stable over time. Made up of 98% air and only 2% residue from the petroleum industry, polystyrene contains no gases destructive like CFCs, hCFC or hFC and therefore has no harmful effect on the ozone layer. Inert, hydrophobic, without capillary aspiration.

To extend the life cycle of polystyrene, which is a 100% recyclable material, France-Polystyrene has developed a scrap and waste recovery unit in order to recycle or recycle them. With an 8,000 m² production site in the Paris region equipped with polystyrene cutting machines, cutting digital, large format printing as well as a paint booth, France Polystyrene masters all manufacturing steps. France Polystyrene with its carrier network can ensure daily deliveries in France and Europe.

Cutting details in 3D or 2D France-Polystyrene benefits from a hot wire cutting centre with cutting capacities which optimizes the material and machining times. France-Polystyrene shapes all shapes by cutting hot wire, on materials such as polystyrene (PSE), extruded polystyrene (XPS), PVC, polyethylene foam, etc.

For events or sustainable use, cutting polystyrene offers a multitude of solutions and formats: giant lettering, volume logos, ephemeral decor, commercial communication or brand promotion on a stand or more simply a technical use for packaging. It’s therefore an alternative to 3D printing.

Each authorized reseller has an online personal space which allows him to manage all stages: estimate, design, manufacture, shaping, delivery. It’s much more than e-commerce, by dematerializing all the stages, we become the manufacturing workshop for all our French and European professional partners. France Polystyrene is embarking on a new stage in its development by launching a platform enabling graphic arts professionals (printer, communication agency, etc.) to manage online the production of polystyrene cutting.

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