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FESPA-events at HP booth about sustainability

HP Conferences at FESPA Berlin

We are for carbon neutrality, zero deforestation and net zero green house gases.  We are for partners who join us in our quest to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company. 

We are for print partners who take the long view.  The ones who care about the health of their employees.  And  understand that choosing water-based inks is the most environmentally responsible way to print. 

We are for making a world where the next generation believe they have a future, and the actions of their parents will make it possible for them to one day have children of their own. 

Together, we are – Print for the Future

1st day Conference

May 31st, 11.00h

Title: Don’t hug trees, create change

Speaker: Thomas Kolster


Thomas Kolster is a frontrunner and one of the most recognised thinkers globally where marketing, business, and sustainability meet. He continuously challenges the status quo with his vocal, and often provocative, views on values, purpose, and leadership. In an over-crowded do-good market, people don’t buy your values or your “why”, but rather who you can help them become.

Written two books: Goodvertising & The Hero Trap; Delivered keynotes and workshops in +70 markets for clients like Facebook, P&G, and IKEA and at conferences such as TEDx, SXSW and Judged top awards such as Jury President at D&AD and Jury at Cannes Lions. Delivered longer training programs with universities and the likes of Cannes Lions and D&AD.

2nd day conference

June 1st 11.00h

Conference Title: Circular business, how to start?

Speaker: Thomas Poetz

Title: 3T Industry InkJet Consulting

BIO: Thomas Poetz is CEO of his consulting company 3T Industry InkJet Consulting since 2011. Thomas was one of the Pioneers, in 1996, started his business using Inkjet Technology to decorate textile surfaces. Since then he has been invited to speak at conferences related to inkjet Printing on surfaces like Textiles, Nonwoven, Décor Paper, Wall Paper, Packaging etc. worldwide. In 2011 he sold his company and started his consulting business. Thomas has the vision to help the textile industry get more sustainable by changing from analog to digital technology.

3rd  day conference

June 2nd 11.00h

Conference Title: Sustainable supply chains and upcoming EU legislation

Speaker: Nathalie Vennik

Title: Consultant at Enact Sustainable strategies

BIO: Nathalie Vennik

As a (social) sustainability consultant Nathalie believes that businesses should use their impact on the world as a force for good. Nathalie worked at ING Group for 10 years, as a social sustainability advisor. Here she focused on implementing human rights and the UNGPs and providing environmental and social risk (ESG) advice for INGs lending portfolio. As a consultant, her focus is on hands-on, concrete advice for businesses to improve their sustainability practices. She has a master’s in business studies from the University of Amsterdam and a post-graduate master’s in human rights from SciencesPo University.