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Elitron works to struggle against COVID-19

Monte Urano – Elitron’s customer service team is working flat out to support many of our customers who have opted to redirected their production to produce urgent medical equipment to fight against the further spread of COVID-19:  primarily producing face masks, face shields, and protective single-use overalls.

In Italy we firstly witnessed the early redirection of production from some of the most prestigious Italian companies: Armani, Ferrari, Gucci and Prada, to name just a few. Now so many have joined suit and many Elitron customers are among those producing round the clock to meet demand.

Elitron is also contributing. We have upgraded our cutting systems specifically so that they can start cutting for COVID-19. We are also supporting requests received through the #Curitalia #Invitalia government incentive scheme for companies wishing to convert their production.

Elitron continues to closely monitor COVID-19 and it’s impact on our worldwide partners and customers. We are 100% committed to continue to support all our customers, whilst continuing to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, community and suppliers throughout this trying time.

With over 2500 installations worldwide, in 50 countries, and 12 patents, Elitron is protagonist worldwide in the production of Cutting Plotters, CAD design software and automation solutions. A company boasting 100% Made in Italy throughout the entire production process.

From 1984, technical experience has been continually fed by investment in research and technological development, also incorporating many original insights. The innovative solutions and technologies in many cases represent exclusive Elitron patents, and exceed the limits of traditional production systems, automating the workflow, and generating new business opportunities for Elitron users.

Elitron today produces industrial cutting systems, software and automation solutions for many different sectors: footwear, leather goods, furniture, automotive, visual communication, packaging, gaskets and composites, and rubber and foam.

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