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CTOUCH Xmas video brings cheer to end of year

In a move which bears comparison with award-winning Christmas TV ads from retailers, CTOUCH has released a video entitled Oh Deer, What a Year!

Watch out John Lewis and Sainsbury’s and other companies which have made Christmas on UK television a special event over the years with their tear-jerking and extraordinarily creative commercials.

A new player has emerged on the Christmas scene in the form of interactive touchscreen manufacturer CTOUCH, which has produced a four-minute seasonal video, entitled “Oh deer, what a year!”, designed to cheer everyone up after a tumultuous time.

The video opens with three men lying on a beach speaking perfect English in a Dutch accent (apparently CTOUCH’s Francois Barlinckhoff, Remmelt van der Woude and Bernard Gosselink). After a brisk flashback through photos of BETT 2020, ISE 2020, new BRIX solutions, a new RIVA solution, a Formula E Eindhoven sponsorship, inclusion in a Top 250 Scale Up companies list, a new CTOUCH Canvas solution, and award successes, the happy scenes are interrupted by a green alien on a space hopper spreading viral gloop throughout an office.

There then follow scenes of home working in which the men are variously disturbed by family noise, assaulted by a dog, vomited on by a crying baby, and hit by a football, while one of the men works alone in the office in what appear to be his pyjama bottoms.

“2020 was just like CTOUCH, exciting, full of change and a little bit different from others. We look forward to seeing you next year,” the commercial says before the men raise a toast at the beach, only for one of them to be splatted by seagull droppings.

The video ends with the camera zooming out, to the sound of Jingle Bells, revealing the beach scene to be nothing more than a studio setting within the CTOUCH offices.

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