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Rotterdam had been transformed into a colourful Song Contest city, last week!

During the European Songfestival the thousands of flags and banners were printed by print production company FaberExposize. The banners are printed on our TTS materials Basic Flag Recycled and Non Woven Stitch. After the festival, the banners are collected and recycled through our recycling program. We were pleased with our cooperation and that we could make a small contribution to this amazing project.

Basic Flag 110 Recycled FR = the recycled version of Basic Flag 110.

A recycled lightweight flag with an excellent print through made of 100% recycled polyester. Flame retardant M1 certified and suitable for sublimation transfer and direct. Ideal to use as flags, banners front lit and economic banner outdoor.

Non-Woven stitch 130 is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers and can be printed with sublimation transfer or UV-inks. The textile is strong and does not fray. The product is perfect to use as ecological outdoor banner.  It is opaque, light weight and PVC-free.