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DUO presents panoLED

At EuroShop DUO recently presented panoLED, a system to bring your stands to life with an LED panel system that lets you create modular video walls. The panoLED panels measure 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).  They can be easily and quickly connected to each other. Combined with the Panoramic h-line and c-line ranges, they offer new visual experiences. They can also be used alone for events and architectural elements: freestanding or wall mounted screens, and signage. Streaming your videos and creating immersive experiences has never been so easy, according to DUO.

The next generation of LED video panels, panoLED, features exceptional characteristics: it is 40 mm (1.57′′) thick, weighs 6.2 kg and is equipped with a patented simple and secure attachment system. panoLED displays deep shades of black and natural colours. The range is available in a 2.5 pitch with capabilities to convert to 1.9, for flawless definition of your content. The control unit features the latest generation of electronics. It thus offers unprecedented, stunning contrast and creates an immersive and captivating experience. panoLED is designed to integrate with Panoramic h-line and c-line modular systems. A silicone edge graphic can be fitted to the reverse side of the panel thanks to a new patented innovation. panoLED allows for applications that go beyond stands and conventional installations.  Whether hanging, standing, or integrated into a design, the applications are endless thanks to the product’s thin and lightweight frame.

Duo, headquartered near Montpellier, is a world leader in modular exhibit and display booths. It possesses extensive expertise in large format textile printing and has adopted an unrivalled environmental approach.
Duo solutions are 100% turnkey and incorporate a large selection of complementary services. They are distributed exclusively through a network of certified dealers.

Duo has offices in Montpellier, Düsseldorf, Montreal, Chicago, Tunis and Casablanca.

Every month, 1,000 projects are completed and distributed in 35 countries.

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