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Apalis: Print products for millennials

Using the brand names ‘Klebefieber’ and ‘Bilderwelten’, Apalis Home GmbH offers a wide range of products for home décor enthusiasts. Because its customers are particularly environmentally conscious, HP Latex printing is essential for its business. Our correspondent Sonja Angerer described how.

“The pandemic actually provided a boost to our business,” Michael Krieger, CEO at Apalis Home GmbH and its printing partner PPS Digital Printing GmbH, explained. “People were forced to stay at home, so they decided to use their spare time wisely to redecorate their homes. Our extensive range of home décor and lifestyle products provided exactly what they were looking for.”


Apalis Home GmbH’s history goes back quite a few years prior to 2019. Its “Klebefieber” brand founded in Dresden at the turn of the millennium initially mainly supplied wall tattoos. The “Bilderwelten” brand dates back to the same time but focuses on bespoke pictures. Both stores are now offering a similar range of décor products, having also taken out licences for their customers’ favourite franchises such as Paw Patrol, Disney and/or Nici.

To make sure that Apalis products always match contemporary design trends, they are not only licensing into franchises, but also actively encouraging artists to become part of the Apalis family and share their favourite creations with our customers. To remain successful in home décor printing markets they focused on individualized rather than personalized items. People would soon tire of a wallpaper based on a holiday snap, whereas designer wallpaper really introduces a touch of sophistication into a room.

“We opted for HP Latex at an early stage of the technology for our wallpaper products for both the Klebefieber and Bilderwelten brands,” Alex Mausolf explained. “Being able to offer end consumers a wall décor option, printed with odourless, non-hazardous inks made a huge difference. One has to keep in mind that wallpaper will last a lot longer in a family home than in a shop or trade fair booth. It seems sensible, therefore, to opt for the most sustainable and HAP-free option, which in our opinion is HP Latex.”

The HP Latex printers are not solely used for wallpapers. Apalis offers many more innovative products, including kitchen wall self-adhesives that are resistant to household detergents, privacy film for windows and self-adhesives to decorate furniture. The list of available products is much more extensive and includes prints on boards and other rigid materials for individualized wardrobe and bathroom furniture items, vinyl rugs and electric stove covers.

Picture: Round tapestry for instance children rooms.

Read the whole story in our printed issue 1-2022 recently published and distributed.