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Interactive game takes Ping Pong to the next level

Posted on: 20-10-2017

The Wonderball system developed by Projection Artworks and social entertainment brand Bounce turns a standard Ping Pong table into an interactive game, using projection mapping. Projection Artworks, specialists in digital experiences, and the social entertainment brand Bounce have launched Wonderball – the first digital evolution of the game Ping Pong. The bespoke system has been rolled out across two London locations, turning a standard Ping Pong table into an interactive game using projection mapping – revolutionising Ping Pong for London gamers. Projection Artworks created a variety of games and interactive effects. Players can pick and choose the game they want to [...] Read more


CaoHeJing Guigu Creative Headquarters breaks ground in Shanghai

Posted on: 28-09-2017

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects design for the new CaoHeJing Guigu Creative Headquarters in Shanghai has broken ground on Monday 18th September. Developed by government backed CaoHeJing Hi-Tech Park, the project is aimed as CaoHeJing's platform for innovation. The new Centre will support and nurture high-tech firms, and connect local and overseas university graduates and enterprises and act as an accelerator for new technology in China.  The project sits on the edge of Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, a state level economic and technological development zone covering an area of 14.5 km2 east of downtown Shanghai, and home to some 1200 domestic and overseas hi-tech companies. [...] Read more


Matchmaking Services at viscom Duesseldorf

Posted on: 12-09-2017

Finding the right business partners from the outset will now become even easier at viscom. Europe’s Trade Fair for Visual Communication, staged from 18 to 20 October 2017 in Düsseldorf, will facilitate business networking online. The new matchmaking service will bring together exhibitors and trade visitors – creating perfect matches even before the start of the exhibition. “Viscom 2017 comes under the heading ‘We Connect’ and we take this idea very seriously,” stated viscom director Petra Lassahn. The new platform makes it possible to explore all trade fair participants applying your own filters such as country, theme or trade fair nomenclature. [...] Read more


Hexis Group: Investment Plan of 17 Million over next 3 Years

Posted on: 07-09-2017

The HEXIS Group unveiled its investment plan for the next 3 year. A commitment of €17 million supports the company's five-year strategic plan up to 2020. These investments simultaneously involve acquisition of lands, the modernization of production tools and the addition of a new manufacturing line. This plan will enable the HEXIS Group to own 2 fully autonomous production sites, which is crucial for the sustainability and the deployment of the HEXIS Group over 2020. This enlarged production capacity will also allow the HEXIS Group to become a major player in the field of high-tech products. LAND ACQUISITIONS The acquisition in September 2017 of a plot next to the head [...] Read more


Out-Of-Home works best for online activities

Posted on: 21-08-2017

In March 2017, Nielsen conducted 1,089 online surveys with a representative sample of U.S. residents aged 18 or older. These questions were included as part of an ongoing weekly survey. The questions were asked for two weeks, beginning March 20, 2017 and ending March 30, 2017. This study revisits a group of “Online Activation” questions that were asked in a similar project in 2013. Data for this project was collected from an online national survey of U.S. adults to measure the level of search, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity being spurred by offline media including television, radio, print (newspaper and magazines), movie theater and out of home (billboards, bu [...] Read more


Zytronic to serve pizza to French consumers

Posted on: 24-07-2017

Zytronic, developer of durable, high performance Projected Capacitive Technology touch sensors announced that its touch sensors are being used in the ADIAL PIZZADOOR, a self-service vending machine retailing high quality pizzas for the notoriously discerning French palate. ADIAL has manufactured pizza vending machines since 2002, and its original design used mechanical selection buttons alongside a colour LCD screen to present appealing images of the product inside. However, Vincent Le Gouic, President of ADIAL, noticed that users were increasingly trying to touch the screens when choosing a pizza. He says, “Pizza is the best-selling fast food in France. As a nation, we cons [...] Read more

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