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Increasing regulations on nutritional labeling

Posted on: 13-03-2017

ESKO recently outlined details of a comprehensive strategy for regulations on nutritional labeling. “We are seeing a wave of new legislation being introduced as governments all over the world seek to educate consumers via product packaging,” said Philippe Adam, Vice President of Global Marketing at Esko. “For the food and beverage industry, as well as many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, this means keeping on top of all the various regulations and adapting their packaging and business processes accordingly. With our new tailored solutions and smart software capabilities, we can help.” The announcement from Esko follows the US Food and Drug Adminis [...] Read more


Dare to Design Different by Checking in to the Printeriors 2017 Hotel

Posted on: 07-03-2017

From 8 to 12 May 2017 at Messe Hamburg, Germany, the global print community is invited to visit Printeriors 2017, an interior design showcase, illustrating how print can be used to create stand-out interior design applications. This unique event, presented in the style of a hotel, will show print service providers, sign-makers, interior designers and architects how they can realise the potential of print and develop new business opportunities by producing striking, cost-effective, bespoke interior décor applications. Through room sets created using a combination of screen, digital and textile print technology, visitors to Printeriors 2017 will be presented with endless opportunities i [...] Read more


4th drupa Global trends Report 2017

Posted on: 25-02-2017

Following the successful drupa in Spring 2016, this 4th annual Global Trends report gives the detailed evidence to support the thesis that globally Print is recovering well from the double challenge of the 2007/8 economic crisis and the strategic shift towards digital communications.  Globally 42% of printers described their business as in a ‘good’ economic condition in 2016, with just 11% reporting it as ‘poor’, a net balance of +31%, the highest recorded global result of the report series. Prospects for 2017 are better with a net balance of +46%. However market variances and regional variances are growing. Packaging at +39% net balance and Functional (Ind [...] Read more


Solutions replace technology as the focus at ISE 2017

Posted on: 09-02-2017

For a show as huge and diverse as ISE has become, it might seem like a fruitless exercise to try to discern the emergence of any single major theme, writes Ian McMurray. However, both Brad Grimes, director of communications for InfoComm, and Dave Pedigo, VP of emerging technologies at CEDIA, believe that two have emerged. “I’ve had a number of conversations with our exhibitors, and an important shift in our industry is becoming increasingly clear,” says Grimes. “We’re starting to go beyond the technology, and pivot towards the solution. What does this achieve? What outcome will the customer get from this?” He cites as an example some remarka [...] Read more


Conductive inks in 2017: report by IDTecheX

Posted on: 04-02-2017

The conductive ink industry is still in search of the next big thing. Adverse competitive pressures in core volume markets has led most suppliers to seek new nascent opportunities. The prevalent strategy is now to have as broad a product portfolio as possible, seeding multiple nascent markets, garnering as much customer feedback as possible, and establishing value networks early on.   Suppliers also now intensely watch one another, rapidly launching comparable products which results in an erosion of differentiation. This puts suppliers in a bind: one the one hand, they want to keep technologies secret for long to perfect them in-house, but, on the other hand, they must take it to the [...] Read more


The potential application of HTML and CSS for print

Posted on: 25-01-2017

Each year, students of Graphic and Digital Media complete their training at the Arteveldehogeschool with a bachelor thesis.  Ken Wittebrood received high marks for his bachelor thesis "Exploration of the potential application of pdfChip for crossmedia production". Alumnus Ken Wittebrood investigated whether HTML, CSS and JavaScript could be used to generate files that are suitable for a graphic workflow. In my opinion that's very worthfull, while I experience a lot of troubles in that area as a journalist producing a website and a printed trade magazine as well. In his bachelor thesis, Ken was able to combine two of his passions: the graphic sector and web technologies. "When [...] Read more

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