"Mimaki Simplifies Small-Lot Digital Packaging Production"

Posted on August 06, 2016

Mimaki, recently announced a joint development with Esko to simplify the digital packaging production for companies that produce packaging samples and mock-ups, as well as small packing runs and personalised packaged goods. The Original Goods Package System (OGPS) from Mimaki is comprised of three components:
• ArtiosCAD Designer Solution (ArtiosCAD DS), a subset of Esko’s industry-leading ArtiosCAD, the world’s most widely used package design CAD software, and including 400 easy-to-use templates as well as tools for original package creation;
• Mimaki UJF-6042, an LED UV inkjet flatbed printer with maximum printing dimensions of 610 x 420 mm. It can be used to print on a product, as well as to print product packaging.
• Mimaki CFL-605RT cutting plotter supporting on-demand production with multiple functions, including cutting and creasing of packaging material and cutting of package cushioning.
To create a package design, the user simply selects one of the 400 professionally-designed templates included with ArtiosCAD DS, enters the inside package dimensions and thickness of the media to be used. More detailed parameters as well as shapes and sizes of flaps can also be specified. The system then creates a package design file that can be imported into Adobe® Illustrator® to add graphics . Users can also use specialised tools to create their own custom designs and include them in the final design. The system offers a total solution not only for the design and creation of product packaging and cushioning but also for printing directly onto a product. Users that don't need the predesigned templates available in the ArtiosCAD DS software, can create custom designs with the guide function.
Once a design is final, it can be printed in exceptional quality on the UJF-6042 in full colour and if [...] Read More


Fespa to Host Digital Textile Conference in Milan, Italy


FESPA will hold its next Digital Textile Conference on 30 September 2016 in Milan, Italy. The event will be delivered with the support of the FESPA Italia Association and in close collaboration with Sistema Moda Italia, the Italian Fashion and Textile Federation, and Associazione Italiana Disegnatori Tessili, the Italian Textile Designers Association, both of which will field speakers. The event is also sponsored by MS Italy. 
The one-day conference builds on the success of a series of FESPA-led Digital Textile Conferences which have taken place over the course of the last eight [...] Read More


The Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer, Norway was opened by H.M Queen of Norway at a prestigious ceremony in February 2016. The Museum is a showcase for adventurous video installations, curated exhibits of cultural and historic artefacts and Olympic memorabilia.

What makes the [...]

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Successful Melbourne print company Resolution Imaging has built up a sound reputation in hard signage, providing a full service, from design to putting the signs in place.
In February, the company installed an Esko Kongsberg XP cutting table. Darren Watkins, director at Resolution Imaging, [...]
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Texo Trade Services, expert in transfer print media and printable textiles, brings a new promotional carpet to the market: Carpet 820. The number refers to the weight per square meter: 820 gram. The carpet has a 100% polyester non-woven front that is printable with every desired design by using [...]

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Swiss printer manufacturer Lüscher-Tschudi recently announced its strategic partnership with Caldera, whereby the French print software innovator has developed an OEM version of GrandRIP+ to drive the company’s 3.2m textile printer, the T-REX 320. The combination allows those entering [...]

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